Major technological advancements with healthcare


The healthcare industry is going through a major technological advancement with new innovative tech for better analysis of the data. This data analysis helps support researchers, entrepreneurs, clinicians and consumers for an overview understanding of the health and diseases. As a result of this, digital biomarkers become a stepping stone of opportunity for efficient interpretation of new data sources to give actionable and informative insights.

Orikami, a Dutch start-up, is working on transforming the world using smart algorithms by deploying and creating digital biomarkers to make healthcare more affordable and personal to every citizen. Using this helps patients get quicker and better access to treatment, which ensures better treatment outcomes for the people. To promote the work of the start-up further, Healthy Capital invested €600,000 for help the company grow and offer personalised care to the company’s first 25,000 patients. This personalised care given to the patients adds to their quality of life while simultaneously making healthcare affordable in the Netherlands.

“Recognising data patterns by continually monitoring the patient delivers insights that help when it comes to offering customised medical treatments. Our information is used to make important decisions and therefore it’s crucial that our products are clinically validated and certified. The past five years have given us significant experience with those processes. That makes us unique in the market. We are also actively looking for new collaborations with pharmaceutical companies” said the founder of Orkami, Bram den Teuling.

The investment made by Healthy Capital should further accelerate the growth which has been impressive and help change the outlook of healthcare altogether.