Majority of pharma firms does not make use of social media at its optimal level

use of social media at its optimal level

In particular to the country level, pharma firms are missing out on opportunities which can be availed through the platform of social media.

Research conducted by The Worldcom Public Relations Group, the topmost worldwide partnership of self-governing public relations companies, infer that a lot of giant pharma firms are not optimizing social media and online communications to their benefit, as per the findings revealed by the Digital Health Monitor report. In inaugural Digital Health Monitor of Worldcom, twenty-five global pharma companies were identified by the research which manages their online, as well as, social media presence all across the globe and in twenty countries.

The Chairman of Healthcare practice group of Worldcom, Serge Beckers passed a statement which said that their first Digital Health Monitor has unveiled exciting trends, as well as, numerous lost opportunities, and while they do have an idea of the limitations to where and what can be said, they suggest a more holistic view should be taken with the available channels. Plain steps like making use of YouTube for building the employer brand, can aid the pharma firms in competing in the growing hard battle for talent.

Each firm was ranked by the report in terms of their use of, Apps, Flickr, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Blogs, LinkedIn, Youtube, Twitter and Tumblr, as well as, their presence. There was also a review of the use of these channels by country. For instance, Pfizer came out on top for the usage of popular YouTube, whereas Novartis ranked as LinkedIn’s top user. It was also found out by the report found that not even a single of these firms made use of these channels to utmost benefit.

Messages about pharma firms and those issues by the firms were also reviewed by the Digital Health Monitor,