Man lost his life because of a brain-eating amoeba after visiting a water park in North Carolina

rain-eating amoeba

According to a report published in Chwezi Traveler, a man lost his life because of a brain-eating amoeba earlier this week. The man’s death came to a couple of days after visiting he visited a water park in Cumberland County, North Carolina, where Naegleria fowleri infected him.

Meanwhile, in the duration of 1962 & 2018, only 145 people have been infected by this single-cell organism in the United States, however, according to The New York Times, only 4 of these individuals have survived.

Eddie Gray, 59, the victim of the deadly amoeba, from Guildford County, NC, visited the Fantasy Lake Water Park of Hope Mills with a church group from Kernersville’s Sedge Garden United Methodist Church. According to his obituary, Gray was a keen kayaker & enjoyed NASCAR, as well as, fishing & hunting.

Fantasy Lake is a well-known destination for water sports enthusiasts. According to the park’s website, major attractions inclusive of Tarzan swings, a couple of slides & the opportunity of practicing sports including kayaking and paddleboarding. Water basketball and water volleyball are also included among the activities on offer.

The source of Gray’s death, Naegleria fowleri, is an amoeba recognized to be found in running & still water in the state of North Carolina. Zack Moore, state epidemiologist stated that people should be aware of the presence of this organism in warm rivers, freshwater lakes, and hot springs across North Carolina, so be watchful as you swim or enjoy water sports.

North Carolina’s health department has been seeking to provide additional information about the disease in the wake of death. ‘Naegleria fowleri’ doesn’t cause illness if swallowed, however, it can be fatal if forced up the nose, as can occur during water-skiing, diving, or other water activities.