Masks go out of stock as situation of haze deteriorates

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Surgical used by Singaporeans to fight the deteriorating haze conditions went out of stock on Saturday, the 14th of September.

Staffs belonging to seven healthcare facilities stated how they had gone all out of masks, when speaking to The Straits Times.

Healthcare stores situated in Serangoon Gardens, Toa Payoh, Stadium Walk and Potong Pasir, stated how the masks had gone out of stock following increased demands from consumers in the last two days.

But it has also come to light that masks would not remain out of stock in shops for long.

The Ministry of Health stated how it was well aware of the issue of how stores were running out of N95 masks, in a statement published on its official Facebook page.

It added how the ministry would like to assure the public how ample stock is available in warehouses and Govt. stockpiles, and that they are workings with manufacturers to transfer the available stock of masks to stores. It stated how masks are expected to return to stores starting today.

Haze conditions worsened on Friday when it was seen how the 24-hour Pollutant Standards Index rose to a number between 85 and 97.

Haze rose to the socking level at 4pm on Saturday.

At 9pm, the 24-hour PSI rose to between 94 and 112. This was its greatest noted reading in western Singapore.

The National Environment Agency has suggested to the public how it is not wise to pursue outdoor activities in case a PSI range rises to about 101 to 200.

The Guardian outlet in Serangoon Gardens’ workers stated how they had managed to sell nearly 40 of the masks on Saturday alone. The masks they sold were N95 and 3M, leaving only surgical masks behind. They added how masks are expected to be restocked till Tuesday, maximum.