Men With Prostate Cancer Might Suffer From Depression Due To Anti-hormonal Treatment

Prostate cancer is a very common cancer between males which has a high rate of being successfully treated. This is through a surgery which includes a full removal of the prostate. However, the case today is much more complicated as many man tend to receive treatments after the surgery using anti-hormonal.

A study conducted recently by Dr. Anne Sofie Friberg, who is a researcher in the  Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen explained how the chances of men suffering from depression due to the anti-hormonal treatment, increases by 80%. The study and results were presented at the European Association of Urology congress in Barcelona.

According to Dr. Anne, “The anti- hormonal treatment is given to control the growth of tumor cells. Unfortunately, we have found that it is also associated with depression.”

The study included a total of 5,570 men as participants. A total of 773 men suffered from depression after the surgery. The study did also observe other factors that might be the cause for depression, including the use of radical prostatectomy.

Dr. Anne included in her speech at the conference, “The treatment prevents the production of androgen hormones, like testosterone. We know from other studies that low testosterone can affect a man’s well-being, so it may be that limiting testosterone production might have the same effect, perhaps especially after a major stress such as cancer treatment.”

The problem is the numbers of suicide that might be cause due to the depression indicated.