Merck’s new Investment

Merck, leading technology and science firm, today announced € 250 million investment in new facilities in Merck Biotech Development Center–Corsier-sur-Vevey, Switzerland–devoted to biotechnology development and production for clinical trials. This investment will help to secure a sustainable capacity and great agility to provide cost-efficiently clinical trial materials, contribute to the accelerated development of new biological entities and tackle the increasing production challenge of next-generation biotech compounds through the growth of the Healthcare industry R&D pipeline.

The investment in the Merck Biotech Development Centre,’ Stefan Oschmann (Chairman, Executive Board and CEO of Merck) said today at a breakthrough ceremony,’ consists of our commitment to speed up the availability of new drugs for patients in need and confirmed the importance of Switzerland as our prime focus in the manufacture of biotech drugs.’

“We are very committed to the growth and progress of our health pipels, and our trust in their future potential, because of investments in this biotechnology research facility in Switzerland,” said Belén, Member of the Management Board of Merck and CEO Healthcare.

The Biotech Development Center will be located near Merck’s current commercial biotech manufacturing facility in Corsier-sur-Vevey,Switzerland. The facility will contain a building of 15,700 sqm with a cross-functional team of about 250 employees at various locations presently, responsible for the advancing of Merck’s biotech R&D pipeline by ensuring the availability, on schedule, quality and quantity of the next wave of biotech medication from Merck for trials.

The Biotech Development Center is equipped with advanced digital technologies and high technical standards, including continuous production and laboratory automation, and provides versatile design facilities to adapt to evolving needs and technological developments, as well as open workspaces to allow collaboration, creativity, and innovation. All are designed to meet the highest international-quality, environmental, health and safety standards.