MHC Asia Group trusts that improved health can be created

MHC Asia Group trusts that improved health can be created

Their proprietary platform empowers companies to take control of their wellbeing and charges people to be their own wellness crusader.

Recent headlines in Singapore have been consumed by rising healthcare costs–some insurers expect medical inflation across the island to hit 10 percent in 2019, higher than the global average of 8 percent, sending businesses inevitably scrambling to look for new ways to prioritize cost containment. Health tech firm MHC Asia Group, however, has a different approach to the issue, believing that cost containment is but a sub-set of an outcome.

This attitude has driven MHC over the past year to lead the creation of an Organizational Health Index (or short OHI), provide its customers with valuable insights into the data and enable them to address health pain points surgically.

MHC Integrated Platform

The OHI is but one of many tools on the interconnected framework of MHC, concentrating on the concept of exploration, possession, and action. It is designed to help involve consumers on every step of the way to MHC’s goal of creating “better health “— a holistic philosophy of enhancing one’s overall wellbeing. In addition, this allows greater long-term savings for organizations and individuals by reducing the root causes of illness and hence the cost of health care.

MHC Asia Group CEO Eric Koh enthusiastically expressed, “Good Health is what we believe and it can be accomplished. At MHC, we have created a platform that fuses each individual’s ownership, necessary therapies, and iterative care pathways. We don’t trust transactional treatment. Our health intelligence platform monitors and analyzes OHI data to produce tailored recommendations, allowing us to create a focused health and wellness environment.

Journey Towards Better Health

This proprietary platform draws on MHC’s decades of experience in the healthcare sector, with creativity and teamwork as the essential elements. MHC has represented clients ranging from SMEs to MNCs across various industries, including major insurers in Singapore, along with a “quadruple win” mentality (for corporates, individuals, healthcare providers, and partners).

Dr. Yenna Tasia, Head of Partnerships at MHC Asia Group, said “Using OHI curated data, we are working with HRs to co-develop tailored Active Intervention (AIP) initiatives to encourage workers to create better health.

“A Straits Times report shows that 1 in 3 Singaporeans suffer from sleep apnea but most people do not know what this disease is, let alone the health risks it presents. Recently we have studied a company’s OHI and identified people at high risk of sleep apnea. It only came to know about this disorder that had plagued them after putting these individuals through our screening system and home sleep tests.