Neopac receives awards for innovation in the field of healthcare

the field of healthcare

Today, a half-century-old technology still receives prizes for packaging. Hoffmann Neopac (Thun, Switzerland) announced that high-barrier Polyfoil technology, which protects products from moisture, oxygen, and other possibly damaging external variables, is an essential component of three lately recognized tube-based healthcare products.

Neopac’s Voltaren “No Mess” Tube and Applicator won a 2019 World Star award. Developed in combination with GlaxoSmithKline and Nypro, the product provides customers with a more hygienic approach for the application of pain relief medicine, Neopac told in a press release.

Particularly, the “No Mess” tube’s intuitive pull/push mechanism enables the massage tip to close on its own after applying the gel to the skin. The distinctive tube structure, with a focus on hygienic implementation, minimizes gel residue after administration. However, “No Mess” tube had already won the 2018 Dow Packaging Award, ETMA Tube of the Year and Pharmapack Award before getting the World Star Award.

Also, lately, Neopac’s trophy case welcomed the addition of an Innovation Award for its SteriDrop pipe from the trade publication Pharma Manufacturing. When pressure is exerted on the pipe, the SteriDrop mechanical system releases an accurately measured drop and prevents the liquid from flowing back into the pipe, thus ensuring a level of earlier unattainable microbiological safety.

Neopac also got a German Packaging Award from the renowned German Packaging Institute for Canesten, a cream from Bayer Consumer Health for the treatment of athlete’s foot. Bayer required to create an applicator geometry that would enable the skin regions between the toes to be easily treated.

In 1965, Neopac established Polyfoil tube technology for a client who brought a fresh toothpaste to the Swiss market. Neopac made tubing that had a sliding inner layer with a laminate. Over-extrusion includes the side seam entirely, enabling printing around the entire product circumference and supplying the packaging with stability and restorative force that customers value.