New Biosensor Works On Human Sweat To Retrieve Various Data

Unlike all other fluids from the human, researchers have found that sweat is a very important part of the secretion system, which holds a lot data on humans. The target is to design a new revolutionary biosensor which uses all the secretions from the body. This includes, blood, sweat, tears and saliva.

This study was conducted by a team from the University of Cincinnati, led by Jason Heikenfeld, where they were examining all the fluids; in hopes to find the most relevant one. The study and result were published in the Nature Biotechnology Journal.

This study is not new to Dr. Jason as he is well-known for his ground breaking technologies and devices, crated in his Novel Device Lab in UC’s College of Engineering and Applied Science. A year ago he was responsible for the first continuous testing sweat device.

Dr. Heikendfeld, commented in the study stating, “Ultimately, technological advances in wearable are constrained by human biology itself. We have been able to go far and fast here. We resonate with a certain type of student. As much as we have brilliant faculty at UC, if we didn’t have talented students here, this technology wouldn’t exist. We would just be talking theoretically about the potential.”

The study implies that many different data can be obtained from sweat and it is important to understand the secretion of sweat together with the nutrients and minerals released by time during the process.