New Developed Heart Patch

Heart Patch

Cardiovascular diseases are very common between humans especially after growing in age. These diseases occur due to weakening of the hearts muscles or other problems in blood vessels. The final complication of such disorders is a heart attack which can be restored using heart patches.

Heart patches were used to maintain the health of the heart after recovering from a stroke or heart attack. A recent study has been conducted by many teams including computer modeling and mechanics in Brown University’s School of Engineering, cardiology researchers from Fudan University and material scientists from Soochow University. The study focuses on the effects of heart patches, where results showed a new discovery. The heart patch used might actually lower the damage caused in heart muscles.

This developed was through a new patch they created which is placed on the heart directly lowering the stretching affect that occurs to the muscles after a stroke. The study was published in the journal of Nature Biomedical Engineering and was led by a professor of engineering at Brown called Huajian Gao.

Dr. Gao commented on the obtained development saying, “Part of the reason that it’s hard for the heart to recover after a heart attack is that it has to keep pumping. The idea here is to provide mechanical support for damaged tissue, which hopefully gives it a chance to heal. If the material is to hard or stiff, then you could confine the movement of the heart so that it can’t expand to the volume it needs to.”