New Director’s elections announced by Asterion Cannabis

The outcome from the Company’s Annual General Meeting of Shareholders 2020, held on Friday 24 January 2020 in Vancouver, British Columbia, is pleased to be reported to Asterion Cannabis, Inc.(‘ asterion’ or the’ company.’ At the Meeting a total of 45,613,167 shares representing 68.36 percent of the Company’s outstanding shares as reported at the Meeting were voted. The vote at the meeting unanimously approved all the matters submitted to shareholders for approval, as laid down in the circular on meeting and management details provided by the Company on 13 January 2020.

Auditors reappointed for the following year Smythe LLP, Chartered Professional Auditor Accountants, at the remuneration to be fixed by the Company’s managing directors and approved the 10% rolling stock option plan. Shareholders

Managing director Stephen van Deventer, Kimberly van Deventer, Shapira Rajan, Hamish Sutherland, Peter Haukedal and Robert Coltura have all been elected as the Company directors and the Company’s candidates for election as its managing director remained six.

“We are extremely happy that Mr. Coltura joins Asterion’s Board of Directors,” said Stephen Van Deventer, Chairman, and CEO. The boards of directors, together, will provide different expertise and experiences as the company moves into its next development phase.

Mr.Coltura is a businessman and is the Chairman and CEO of the Natalia Investments Ltd., a company providing public and private corporations with management consulting and corporate finance services. Mr.Coltura is also the Ceo and Chairman of Coltura Financial Corp. and Cultural Properties, who has commercial properties and hotels in North America. Coltura is also the Director of Fiorentina Minerals Inc. He is involved with companies in order to improve its roles within their industry, with over 20 years of experience in the public sector, as a director and officer and successful business growth.