New Hub for Life Sciences and Innovation to foster unsung heroes

New Hub for Life Sciences and Innovation to foster unsung heroes

A new hub has been developed for life sciences and innovation that is responsible for fostering world-class and quite often unsung research that is being carried out in WA.

This means including the work done by start-up medical companies like OncoRes Medical that won the global Pitch in December at the Palace in London.

The company manufacturing an imaging tool for improving the results of breast cancer surgery was declared the joint winner.

The role of the Director of WA Life Sciences Innovation Hub is basically to grow his sector by uniting researchers, industry partners, and government throughout the State.

There are splendid researchers throughout the state but most people don’t know about this. Also the Australian Nation Phenome Centre in Perth, according to Prof. Pfleger will soon be recognized globally.

There are a number of splendid researchers in several institutions with them along with local institutes for research and some stellar companies. What they lack right now is a critical mass, however, that too is growing.

Adding to this, the isolation of WA, according to Professor Pfleger keeps the people unaware of whatever research is going on only to find out regarding it once it is presented during big conferences. According to him, it can advantageous sometimes as one can do remarkably innovative things without having to follow the herd.

He said that their isolation meant that WA has a very collaborative reputation.

He added that as a state, they are too small and don’t have sufficient critical mass for competing internally so instead they chose to collaborate enormously, making them both globally and nationally competitive.

Furthermore, his role will comprise of facilitating the innovation in biomedicine and also generating new businesses and opportunities for investment in biotechnology, health, and medicine for Western Australia.