New Innovative Technique To Help Children Swallow Medications

The use of medicine for kids might not be the best options out there, however it is a very common approach. The use of pills to maintain the health of your children is important as their fragile bodies cannot handle sever mild diseases. Yet a common issue met while using medications for kids is the fact that it gets hard for them to swallow it. This may lead to complications or use of other un-favored alternatives.

A recent study however has showed a different approach to the design of medications that is helpful for children to swallow. The study was published in the European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences which discussed the approach and results suggested by Dr. Marco Ramaioli. Dr. Marco is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Surrey  and the leader of the study. He was able to develop the use of multi-particles which will help children swallow medicine pills easier.

Dr. Marco commented on his study saying, “Many young children and older people find conventional tablets hard to swallow – making it difficult for them to complete drug therapy. We hope that this in vitro method, together with sensory tests, will help to develop novel medicines that could improve the lives of many people across the world.

The development uses the saliva and substances in the trachea of children which eases the swallowing process. This study is expected to better the health of children and help provide a safer mechanism.