New Mechanical Technology Can Mimic DNA

DNA play an important part in humans and their development. DNAs are the core reason behind everything in our life.  It shapes our body, functions, features and even the capability of receiving certain diseases. The core of DNAs has not been fully understood yet. However, many different researches are working hard trying to figure out the science behind DNA.

Being able to mimic the DNA and control it will be a breakthrough in science which can finally lead to shaping the human race. A new research conducted by a team at EPFL Valais Wallis led by Kyriakos Stylianou who is a scientists from the labs of Berend Smit and Lyndon Emsley has developed  new device that might actually mimic DNA strands.

The chemical engineers were able to create a mechanical MOF that acts as a nanoreactor. This device can be controlled to achieve the tasks of a DNA. According to Kyriakos, “The adenine molecules act as structure-directing agents and ‘lock’ thymine molecules in specific positions within the cavities of our MOF Overall, our study highlights the utility of biologically derived MOFs as nanoreactors for capturing biological molecules through specific interactions, and for transforming them into other molecules.”

This technology can aid further research in having a deeper understanding of DNA and RNA. The study of such a topic helps predict trends in humans that can draw tracks for the human race. Future evolution of our species can now be predicted just through studying DNAs of a mass amount of humans.