New Therapy Might Help Prolong Sight And Decrease Vision Loss

Vision is one of the most important sense in humans. Without your vision you will definitely be living a very hard life to cope with. Many different reasons could be responsible for the loss of your vision. This is why many different team of scientists are working hard trying to find causes and the respective solutions for each.

A recent study done by a team of researcher from the University of California, Berkeley have found a way to improve vision loss and prolong sight for a better period of time. This research is actually using therapy to help cells to deteriorate slower than usual.

The therapy is of drug or gene which reduces the signals sent by nerve cells towards the eyes. This decrease will help lower the long term effects on the eye and in turn maintain a better vision for longer periods of time.

The study has already been conducted on mice and has actually worked perfectly. The next step is to observe the changes conceded on humans. The lead author Richard Kramer, which is  neuroscientist and the professor of molecular and cell biology stated, “This isn’t a cure for these diseases, but a treatment that may help people see better. This won’t put back the photoreceptors that have died, but maybe give people an extra few years of useful vision with the ones that are left. It makes the retina work as well as it possibly can, given what it has to work with. You would maybe make low vision not quite so low.”