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pharmaceutical industry

Platelet Biogenesis, based in Mass, has appointed, as the chief executive officer as well as the president, Sam Rasty. Very recently, Sam Rasty used to act, at Homology Medicines, Inc. (the generic drugmaker), as the chief operating officer. As Platelet Biogenesis quickly moves toward its very first Investigational New Drug Application, Sam Rasty, as the chief executive officer, will be responsible for heading PBG’s strategic route and solid calculated execution at this time of progress and development. On the 15th of July, Sam Rasty will officially bear his position at the company. Rasty was among the heads at numerous biopharma industry stalwarts such as GlaxoSmithKline, Shire Pharmaceuticals and Endo Pharmaceuticals, prior to Homology Medicines. Jonathan Thon, the present chief executive officer and co-founder of Platelet Biogenesis, will now hold the position of a Chief Scientific Officer where he will be working towards the development of next-generation apps of PBG’s inventive PLT+ Platform.
Purdue Pharma based in Stamford, Connecticut, has appointed, as the chief scientific officer, Julie Ducharme. Part of her job description will be developing Purdue Pharma’s standing pipeline and recognizing new study prospects as well as technological projects through numerous therapeutic fields. Julie Ducharme will also be aiding the firm in its labors to contribute towards acknowledging the opioid addiction problem. She has 20 years of experience in international pharmaceutical companies such as AstraZeneca and Mundipharma, as well as almost 4 years of experience as a head researcher at the National Research Council of Canada.
Foundation Medicine’s Ex-CEO, Troy Cox, has entered SOPHiA Genetics’ board of directors. Cox headed the United States Genentech oncology business and worked Sanofi-Aventis, UCB BioPharmaceuticals and Schering-Plough, before joining Foundation Medicine.
Amplify Health based in Pennsylvania, has appointed, as the chief technology officer, Pravin Wilfred. As the chief technology officer, Pravin Wilfred will supervise the technological course and progress of Amplity, and will head the technology, security, business arrangements and infrastructure groups.
MODAG, based in Germany, rose to improve therapies for neurodegenerative ailments with €12 million in a Series A funding. MODAG has appointed Torsten Matthias as its chief executive officer, and Armin Giese as the chief scientific officer. Torsten Matthias holds the experience of nearly 20 years at the Aesku Group as the owner, the chief executive officer, and the chief scientific officer.