OncoSec Collaborates with Emerge Health For TAVO™ in Australia

OncoSec Collaborates with Emerge Health For TAVO™ in Australia

OncoSec Medical Incorporation and Emerge Health Pty have now entered into an agreement of collaboration that is commercializing the OncoSec’s proprietary TAVO to make it available under the Special Access Scheme of Australia in 2019.

With the help of this collaboration, Oncosec will be able to start generating revenue, probably by the end of 2019. OncoSec’s ability to start this procedure in Australia with TAVO sets it apart from all other companies at the clinical stage that is developing therapies that can treat refractory metastatic melanoma.  Under the program of SAS, TAVO shall be the only available drug for the patients of melanoma that have failed the checkpoint inhibitor or the targeted therapy.

The SAS program in Australia permits the physicians to treat the patients using drugs that are not yet accepted by Australia only if the patient has a condition in which death is most likely to occur in a few months time.

It is estimated that in 2019, in Australia, almost 15,229 further cases of the melanoma skin cancer shall be diagnosed and furthermore, it shall also become the 9th most widespread reason for death from cancer.  TAVO that is to be utilized for patients of melanoma that have failed either the checkpoint inhibitors or the targeted therapy, can treat up to almost one thousand Australian patients.

The Head and Co-Founder of the Commercial Operations of Emerge, Chris Rossidis stated that the rate of melanoma in Australia is very high, and the medical experts have estimated that almost one Australian is being affected by melanoma in every five minutes due to the high intensity of sun there. He further said that just like their previous successful collaborations with different other companies, this collaboration with OncoSec will also assist them in achieving the basic purpose of Emerge to distribute products that are in specific therapeutic specialty regions and to work for ensuring that all patients can access the essential and life-saving medicines.