Operation on the largest radiology network in Switzerland by LUKS

Operation on the largest radiology network in Switzerland by LUKS

An academic teaching hospital and the largest non-university hospital in Switzerland, with three locations in Lucerne, Sursee, and Wolhusen, Lucerne Cantonal Hospital (LUKS), pioneering the digital market transformation, has its stringent digitization strategy. It was decided that the hospital information system, Lukis (EPIC), will become operational, with two portals this year, an all-encompassing new hospital – one for patients and one for referring physicians. The reports said the portals split for the current year only, there are no confirmations for future conditions.

The LUKS’ Institute of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine is pursuing a suite of initiatives for optimizing the work processes with the help of technology, which consists of seven fully equipped radiological facilities, three of which are located in adjacent cantons. Annually, 140 employees carry out 220,000 examinations at all the operating centers, making it the largest radiology network in Switzerland.

The head of the Institute of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine at LUKS, Dr. Justus E. Roos, extended the teleradiology solution in cooperation with Siemens Healthineers, with a feature that permits it’s users to tiles can, one and a half years ago.

Via a remote connection at a peripheral location, The Syngo Virtual Cockpit allows an expert to direct and control the examination. Consequently, it is possible to remotely modify the examination parameters live, check a patient’s positioning and perform the exam. However, only three tele scanners can be operated with the software simultaneously.

Siemens Healthineers, the manufacturer of the solution, has given Roos leeway in product development.

Roos leeway explained that they were involved in the design of the functions, that is, the graphical user interface.