Pancreatic Tumor Can Be Complicated Due To Oral Bacteria

The pancreas is a small organ located near the liver which is used for dissolving of lipids. Even though the organ is simple and small in size, it is easily and commonly affected with tumors of different sizes that might lead to more complications. However, a new study was conducted on the different cases of tumors formed in the pancreas.

The study concluded that the presence of oral bacteria on the tumors in the pancreas is more likely to increase the severity of the tumor. The study was conducted by a Swedish team of researchers from Karolinska Institute and led by Margaret Sallberg Chen. Dr. Margaret is a senior lecturer in the department of dental medicine. She mention her interest in the pancreatic cancer due to its high presence in their area.

She believes that this discovery will help doctors predict pancreatic cancer for patients with tumors; rather than the use  of unnecessary and expensive surgery. Dr. Margaret explained, “We find most bacteria at the stage where the cysts are starting to show signs of cancer. What we hope is that this can be used as a biomarker for the early identification of the cancerous cysts that need to be surgically removed to cure cancer, this will in turn also reduce the amount of unnecessary surgery of benignant tumors. But first, studies will be needed to corroborate our findings.”

The oral bacteria is found in the body using a few DNA tests that are simple and cheap. A great rate of success has been seen, supporting the hypothesis and the discovery done by the team.