Patients should visit any designated pharmacy before consulting the doctor

designated pharmacy

As a percentage of Gross Domestic Product, the healthcare of Switzerland is typically considered to be the second most costly healthcare of the world. The first one in the United States.

The mandatory health insurance premium in Switzerland covers 37 percent of the costs related to healthcare. The rest of the premium is primarily covered by the taxpayers, as well as, non-reimbursable payments where the money is even lost during the transaction by individuals.

As a part of plan for bringing reduction in the healthcare costs, this week, there was launching of a new cost plan which is comparatively affordable by the health insurer Groupe Mutuel, which as a requirement of the clients to visit the pharmacy in need of help before any medical specialist, or a doctor, as per the statement of Le Matin Dimanche and reported in Le Temps.

According to the plan, the patients should go to any designated pharmacy prior to visiting the doctor. Then the decision is made by the pharmacists whether there is a need to make an appointment with the doctor or not. Pharmacists check the patient without charging money for the consultations, hence bringing a reduction in the costs.

There is an exemption of certain things like any chronic condition, pediatrics, emergency treatment, or a need for consulting a gynecologist.

It was found by the system, which had been testing during 2012 and 2014 that 73 percent of the cases could be easily dealt with by consulting a pharmacist.

Pharmacies, on the other hand, more than welcome this plan since it has the potential for boosting their sales. Support has been shown by many of the doctors since they usually have an increasing demand of patients, more so than they can cope with.