Pharmacies Close and Heart Diseases Incline


Cardiovascular diseases are very common between humans at old age. In our modern day, it is becoming even more common due to the unhealthy lifestyle and diets being used. Accordingly, it is important to treat these diseases carefully to prevent any further complications. Treatments and medications for these diseases are used to handle the diseases as efficiently as possible.

However, a recent study conducted by a team of researchers from the University of Illinois at Chicago have proved that the increase in closing pharmacies is proportional to the increase of heart diseases. This is due to the high number of heart disease medications that are being consumed day by day to cope with the large body of people who suffer from cardiovascular diseases.

The study was led by an, associate professor of pharmacy systems, outcomes and policy at the UIC College of Pharmacy called Dima Qato. She posted her study and the results in the JAMA Network Open journal.

She commented on the obtained results saying, “Although ongoing efforts to improve medication adherence focus on improving affordability, this study suggests that policies aimed at reducing non-adherence to prescription medications should also address system-level barriers beyond the high cost of prescription drugs, like pharmacy access. These findings provide strong evidence that pharmacy closures contribute to non-adherence, including among insured older adults.”

The problem according to the research is the fact that some people focus all their medications from  a single pharmacies that when closed will turn their whole medical life upside down.