Pharmacy bodies to cut LPCs

Pharmacy bodies have called for a discount in the number of local pharmaceutical committees (LPCs) to reflect the changing structure of the NHS.

In response to a review the Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee, the pharmacy bodies said reducing on the number of LPCs would provide value for money.

The Company Chemists’ Association (CCA) told that a cutback from 69 LPCs to 38, would have saved £2.7m from the operational cost of running the current network.

They are self-assured that less, tougher, local teams, that are directly connected, with improved co-ordination and support, would be able to better support servicers as they engage with their local health systems.

The Association of Independent Multiple Pharmacies has recommended dropping the number of LPCs to 45 in line with the number of sustainability and transformation partnerships which adding that by setting clear idea of accountability and KPIs will lead to savings

The National Pharmacy Association told a reduction of LPCs to between 40 and 50, which would feed into between 7 and 11 regional PSNC hubs.

Sources suggest scaling up to STP level this is helpful.