Prantae Solutions targets to treat rare pregnancy disorder at the earliest stages of pregnancy

treat rare pregnancy disorder

Almost a decade back, when Sumona Karjee Mishra found out about her pregnancy, as expected she was very excited to welcome her baby into the world. But, to her dismay, in the 26th week of her pregnancy, she discovered that she had a rare pregnancy disorder known as ‘preeclampsia’ due to which her baby was born premature.

A doctorate holder from the Jawaharlal Nehru University’s International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, Sumona decide to take the matter into her hands. She began extensive research on this rare pregnancy complication and found out that she was amongst a massive and growing number of females who suffer from this rare disorder, for which there wasn’t any early diagnosis in place.

Therefore, Prantae Solutions was born. The biotech startup which is based in Bhubaneswar-based creates diagnostic solutions, as well as, devices with a key emphasis on healthcare regarding pregnancy and other linked disorders. The first-ever product by Sumona is EyeRa, which is a platform for the early detection of preeclampsia.

As per the revelations of the studies, over ten million pregnant women all over the world, every year, suffer from this rare condition, preeclampsia, characterized by signs of damage to another organ system and high blood pressure. The only way to identify the condition is by clinical symptoms in the last trimester of the pregnancy, which makes it equally fatal for the child and mother alike.

The research revealed that 30% of the maternal rate of mortality is associated with preeclampsia. And this isn’t just confined to the rural parts of the Odisha’s eastern state of, but also in the United States, Europe, and Australia.

As the detection of the preeclampsia’s symptoms is done only in the last trimester of the pregnancy, Prantae is putting its focus on the treatment of the condition at the earliest.