Rat Babies Show Disorder In Neurons As A Reaction To Anesthesia

Rush University Medical Center

While undergoing surgeries patients tend to be sent down through the use of medicines. This is used to help them not feel the surgery nor any pain. Such process is called Anesthesia which involves the use of chemicals which puts the patient into deep sleep, preventing them from being aware of what is going on.

While using such a strategy in rats a very unexpected phenomena was observed. This included the use of Anesthesia on a pregnant rats during delivery which showed a negative effect on the unborn baby rat. It showed that neurons for unborn babies are not moving in the right direction just creating problems for the babies in their neurological systems.

This observation was shocking due to the frequent use of such methods on humans and pregnant women. The study was conducted by a team of scientists from the Rush University Medical Center and was published in the Cerebral Cortex  Journal.

The leader of the study is PhD holder, Dr. Vicko Gluncic, who is an anesthesiologist and neuroscientist commented on his results saying, “The cerebral cortex, or grey matter, is the brain’s computer processor. Cognitive processes like thinking, memory, and language are directed there, thus neurons never reaching their proper and predetermined positions in the cortex may have a profound impact on brain function.”

These results are believed to be dangerous for the baby for a long term effect might cause brain disorders or even neurons malfunction.