Risk Of Post-Abdominal Surgery Hernia Can Be Known Through App

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A hernia is a medical condition where muscles in the abdominal region are torn which causes the motion of internal organs to leave the interior of the body. Many different things can lead to hernia including physical tension or weakness in muscles. However one of the most common cause of a hernia is it being a post-abdominal surgery side effect.

This is due to the weak muscles in the stomach after the surgery which will lead to an ease for hernia to actually develop. This risk is high for people which acts as a fear for most patients. However, other patients are not well aware of the risk associated with their surgery which actually leads to complications.

However, this has inspired a team of developers from the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania to create and app that works on calculating the risk of developing a hernia according to the type of abdominal surgery you have gone through. This development was led by an assistant professor of Plastic Surgery called John P. Fischer. He comments that almost 30,000 patients were used as a bank of data which created the statistics on which the app depends on.

The app focuses on calculating the risk through certain questions asked about the type of surgery you’ve been through and the severity of the opening in your abdominal region. Accordingly the patients can expect to understand the risk of reaching a hernia in order to be careful while after the surgery.