Rutgers Graduate Pursuing Medical Career After Spectating the Carnage of War

Medical Career

Saul Bautista decided to join the United States Army once he graduated from high school in the year 2004. He trained to become a lab technician and was then assigned to the Landstuhl Regional Medical Center located in Germany. It was the largest military hospital of the U.S. outside the United States that treated wounded soldiers from Afghanistan and Iraq. There, he witnessed some tough times but discovered that this was what he wanted to do the rest of his life.

The first time that he actually witnessed war upfront was when he was transporting one of the critically wounded patients that had been airlifted from warzone into the ICU.

Once Bautista had finished his tour of the duty in the year 2008, he then enrolled at the Rutgers University-Newark for studying biology. It was then, while he was working part-time as an interpretive assistant at the Liberty Science Center with kids and families from the inner city, that he realized how much a zip code mattered when it came to health and education.

He saw that the vegetables and fresh fruit were in easy access to the families living in the suburbs, but not always for the people in the cities.

That is when Bautista planned to enroll in a dual degree program of MD/MPH between the Rutgers New Jersey Medical School and also the School of Public Health. In his first year, he became the founder of the NJMS Lifestyle Medicine Interest Group where he would oversee the implementation of the student fitness programs, as well as the initiatives for community lifestyle medicine.