Senior German official has been withdrawn for passing controversial statements about Israel

A senior German official who was nominated for heading a European payment vehicle for facilitating the trade with Iran in spite of the United States sanctions will no longer be taking up the position after the claim of a news report that he passed controversial statements about Israel.

It was stated by the Foreign Ministry of Germany, that Bernd Erbel will not be assuming the position as the INSTEX chief due to personal reasons.

Various controversial statements were reported by the mass-circulation Bild newspaper of Germany that the former ambassador to Tehran and Baghdad made about Israel and the Middle East.

It was reported by an article which was published in English, that 2 scandalous appearances were criticized by the Bild, in which Erbel gave an interview to Ken Jebsen, who is a former public radio journalist.

It was reported that Erbel stated in an interview that Israel basically was built on the expenses of others who lost their homeland.

People of Palestine are the victims of our victims. Pretty simple. He also added that the Israelis were not capable of being empathetic towards others for a psychological reason.

Just because they were on the receiving end of injustice, they would also give you similar feelings that only others can commit an act of injustice.

Erbel was accused by Bild for being too sympathetic for the Iranian Mullah Regime, as well as, understating the influence of Tehran in the Middle East.

INSTEX was founded by France, Germany, and Britain for facilitating the barter trade with Iran for getting around the trade sanctions by the United States that block financial transfers. The instrument, which is yet not operational, would be helping Iran buy goods like food and pharmaceuticals which are not subject to United States sanctions imposed after Washington pulled itself out from the 2015 nuclear accord.