Shipment of either Pork or the pork products from Germany banned by the Philippines to save itself from African Swine Fever

Animal Industry

On Wednesday, Pork, as well as, pork products have been ordered by the Agriculture Department to be banned from Germany after the Philippines was practically exposed to the African Swine Fever via a pork shipment from that country.

It was shown by a recent investigation by the Bureau of Animal Industry that a shipment of pork from Germany was mixed with about 250 kg of pork from Poland, stimulating the confiscation of the German meat shipment.

Importers were warned by the Agriculture Secretary ‘Emmanuel Pinol’ to not mix the meat products, especially during the times when the Philippines faces illness threats from outside markets.

A joint investigation was conducted by the Bureau of Animal Industry & the National Meat Inspection Service after Cebu City’s Department of Veterinary Medicine & Fisheries involved the national agencies secretly on the incident.

According to the report, the shipment was captured at 3 a.m. on 27th of June and was then disposed of by burning.

Poland is one of the eighteen countries which was reported with the outbreak of the African swine fever, which is a threatening hog disease that has no cure or vaccine available till date.

Even though Germany is not included in the list, however, it still lies near Poland. The shipment from Germany also contained 25 boxes of suspicious meat from Poland.

Director of Animal Industry ‘Ronnie Domingo’ stated that the incident was a serious violation which resulted in the banning of all types of pork shipments from Germany.

There are a total of 19 countries which are included in the list of banned ones & are not allowed to ship either the pork or the pork products to the Philippine.