Silicon Valley on lookout for infant formula

Silicon Valley on lookout for infant formula

Laura Modi, an employee at the Airbnb, observed a trend in the Bay Area moms while she was working there.

Numerous young parents were looking to avoid the United States regulators by getting their infant formulas imported from Europe.

Infant formulas produced in Europe consist of different ingredients that the brands are allowed to use as constituents. This is the reason why some parents are of the idea that baby formulas imported from Europe would be healthier for the baby.

Laura Modi got the idea to begin her own start-up aimed at producing baby formulas, similar to the European ones, for the American market. Modi, along with her coworker at Airbnb Sarah Hardy, started a new business named Bobbie Baby. Both Modi and Hardy managed to raise $2.5 million in venture capital funding.

However fewer than 10 days later, in June, the United States Food and Drug Administration warned customers to cease their usage of Bobbie Baby’s infant formula. There were numerous complaints. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration informed parents how the infant formula was, in fact, produced in Germany and imported to the U.S., and also that it lacked certain nutrients for some infants, specifically those born prematurely or with lesser birth weights.

Laura Modi expressed how taken aback she was.

She elaborated how her start-up had been confronted by numerous setbacks on its way to producing its goods in the U.S. She stated that because of these hurdles, she had considered migrating to the toddler formula market instead of the infant formula market but eventually decided against it.

Bobbie Baby may have suffered in its initial months, however, the infant formula industry is keeping a close check to see whether it is able to overcome the hurdles in its way.

The latest equipment is increasingly getting funded in Silicon Valley in order to aid young parents.

Firms are focusing on producing goods that help mothers feed their children including breast-pumps and new baby formulas.