Singapore Startup Payroll bags millions in double-digits in series B

Singapore Startup Payroll bags millions in double-digits in series B

In a series B round led by the risk capital firm EV Development, Homage, a service provider platform based in Singapore, has raised millions.

Alternate ventures as well as KDV Capital, along with existing investors HealthXCapital, we’re also investing in the round in conjunction with an announcement.

Started in 2017, Homage provides individuals, families as well as organizations with personalized care on request. The company uses a proprietary matching engine to align elderly people to their specific needs with both the right practitioners.

Homage has planned to expand its service delivery through its network of health professionals, improved professional capacity, as well as the launch of health services enabling providers and also the companies to use its web-based as well as consumer mobile platforms, with the new capital.

Independent media to be aided as well as supported.

The Startup also has planned to partner in its ecosystem with private as well as public stakeholders, expanding its Asia-Pacific reach in the next two years by starting operations in Indonesia and also four other countries.

The 2019 analysis of World Population Prospects reveals that one in six people worldwide will be aged 65, up from one in 11 in 2019. One in six is now over six years old. The percentage of children under the age of 5 in 2018 was also greater than that in 2018 worldwide.

“Homage plans to be the solution to fill the gap of health worker shortages employing technology to deliver quality personalized care services,” the company told in their statement.

Before this fund-raising process, Homage sealed a round co-led by Golden Gate Ventures as well as HealthXCapital in July 2018 of US$ 4.15 million. It is seen from a seed round from 500 startups, Golden Gate Ventures as well as SeedPlus, the US$ 1.2 million had been collected.