Statin Lowers Risk Of Heart Diseases to 50%, However, Only 6% of Patients Use It

Heart disease are very common especially between older people. However, a very common treatment that should be used, statins, has shown to be very effective. Results from years of use show that statins lower heart diseases risk to almost the half. This was proved through a study conducted by a team from the Intermountain Healthcare Heart Institute in Salt Lake City.

Further study of the results have shown that only 6% of patients advised to  use statins will actually use it correctly. This leads to poor recovery and might even lead to other diseases as complications. Statins work by lowering cholesterol levels and in turn reducing the risk for cardiovascular diseases rising.

The study was led by PhD holder, Heidi May who is a principal investigator of the study, and cardiovascular epidemiologist at the Intermountain Healthcare Heart Institute. She commented on the results saying, “A lot of clinical trials have shown that statins reduce the risk of secondary outcomes, so it’s really important that they take these medications. The surprising thing that we found is that so few patients, even within an insured population, just didn’t take their statin medication as prescribed.”

The study used a total of 5468 participants who are diagnosed of cardiovascular diseases. The patients were all prescribed with stating to help them with their cholesterol levels in the first year after treatment. The study observed the use of the treatment and the corresponding further complications in their cardiovascular system.