Swiss government approves measures to cut healthcare costs

healthcare costs.

Swiss healthcare is expensive and most of it is paid directly by individuals approximately 69 percent. The US has a more expensive healthcare system, according to Switzerland’s Federal Statistical Office.

The political pressure on Switzerland’s government to address the problem has been intensifying for some time now and finally, they decided to take measures to cut the healthcare costs.

The federal government has announced nine measures to cut healthcare costs that it expects could save hundreds of millions of francs annually.

The key ones include improved negotiations with healthcare providers, hospital and healthcare centres, reference prices for generic drugs and greater price transparency of various medicines and treatments.

Currently, some negotiations between health insurers and healthcare providers are piecemeal and often breakdown. The federal government will introduce a system to require certain provisions to be covered by nationwide that deals and measures to control price rises unjustified by rising costs.

Many healthcare providers, hospitals in particular, currently fail to provide cost information and cost breakdown to everyone involved. There is a lack of transparency between healthcare providers and the patients that pay individually.  The federal government will introduce rules forcing healthcare providers to supply this information to the federal government, cantonal governments, and patients. This will enable more checks and better enforcement of legal limits.

Transparency may lead to reduction and cost-cutting is what the government is predicting.