Switzerland and Kenya are going to tie their knot to newer elevations

Switzerland and Kenya are going to tie their knot to newer elevations

Today, Kenya Airways will dispatch non-stop flights from Nairobi to Geneva and I will be on that debut flight. What’s more, despite the fact that I have flown among Kenya and Switzerland many occasions over the four years that I have filled in as the diplomat of Switzerland to Kenya, this will be a remarkably fulfilling outing for me.

This is on the grounds that out of the blue — and going ahead — the Nairobi and the Geneva central command of the United Nations will be legitimately connected. Kenya and Switzerland will take their relationship truly higher than ever!

This is really uplifting news for me as the envoy of Switzerland to Kenya and as Permanent Representative to the United Nations Office at Nairobi. In the course of the most recent four years, I have been working vigorously to reinforce our two-sided relations and to associate the UN base camp in Geneva with the UN central station in Nairobi.

Switzerland was one of the main nations to perceive Kenya as a free and autonomous nation. From that point forward, a great deal has occurred. The expert feature of my stay in Kenya was the official visit of the President of the Swiss Confederation, Alain Berset, in June a year ago. The President of Kenya, Uhuru Kenyatta, got him in all respects energetically. No one but Kenyans can be so liberal and generous hosts!

The two Presidents solidified our long-standing collaboration in the battle against debasement. Since that visit, Switzerland has offered to further expand its help to enable Kenya to battle this overwhelming malignant growth of great debasement.

Another significant aftereffect of the presidential visit was the declaration of the foundation of a Kenyan Embassy in Berne. Half a month back, the Kenyan government named its first Ambassador to Switzerland. This will be valuable to our two-sided relations. I am particularly anticipating seeing my Kenyan partner setting out on his new command in Berne and working with him.

Be that as it may, our relations are unmistakably more than government-to-government. We additionally have business-to-business joins.