Switzerland: The Swiss Health Network is a member of HJB SA

Switzerland The Swiss Health Network is a member of HJB SA

Swiss Medical Network SA is a company of private clinics in Switzerland. It currently has 15 private health-care facilities in Switzerland with 1,300 consultants and 2,700 staff in total. AEVIS VICTORIA SA is a subsidiary of the Company. In 2017 the Swiss Personalized Health Network was created. This is planned for the development of personalized medicine in Switzerland. Health data from many online sources are integrated.

The group was created in the year 2002. Its historical name (Genolier Swiss Medical Network) derives from the Clinique de Genolier, a private hospital founded in 1972 in the municipality of Genolier, in the canton of Vaud, Switzerland. After its formation, the company has acquired several private hospitals in several parts of Switzerland to build a national network of private health care facilities:

The Swiss Medical Network, Switzerland’s second-largest private clinic company, took a 35 percent stake in the Hôpital du Jura bernois (HJB SA) for SFr27 m (US$ 27.8 m).

This is the first time a private group has purchased an interest in a hospital that is part of Bern canton.

In addition to joining the share capital, Swiss Medical Network has committed to spending SFr25 m over the next three years to support the Hôpital du Jura bernois ventures at Moutier and Saint-Imier.

The contract also provides for an opportunity for Swiss Medical Network to purchase, within three years, a majority stake in HJB SA.

In a comment, Swiss Medical Network said: “This public-private collaboration will ensure the safeguarding of a wide range of acute somatic and psychiatric care services in the rapidly changing hospital environment for Bern’s Francophone community.”

HJB SA owns the Moutier and Saint-Imier clinics, the mental health system, including the Bellelay clinic, and the Tavannes Medical Centre. It also has participation in the Médicenter in Moutier, the Inter-Jurassic Pharmacy, the Institut de radiologie du Jura bernois and the radiation oncology center Biel-Seeland-Jura.