Telemedicine in The Pediatric Field, Over Prescribes Antibiotics

As our planet has expanded and different technologies have invaded our world; it has directly affected most of the main aspects of our society. One main field to mention is the medicine field which has been affected by technology to the better. However, some certain technologies are debatable whether they are helpful or not.

One main concern is the telemedicine being used lately which includes the use of IT technologies and different communication methods to help  ease the delivery of the medicine services to the patients.

However, a recent study conducted by a team of researchers from the UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh has shown that telemedicine has led to overprescribing of antibiotics, which is well-known as a harmful thing.

The study led by Kristin Ray, which is a pediatrician in the Division of General Academic Pediatrics, UPMC Children’s Hospital studied a huge platform of telecommunication that is in contact with almost 4 million children in the United States. Dr. Kristin commented on the study saying, “In recent years, the use of telemedicine for acute, primary care concerns has increased among children. We know very little about the care children receive during these direct-to-consumer telemedicine visits, which occur with doctors outside of the child’s usual pediatric office.”

The study focused on children who suffer from acute respiratory disorders and found that doctors overprescribe antibiotics for the condition as they fail to classify the symptoms as an acute infection.