Thailand doctors invent a new medicine for treating the novel Coronavirus

Thailand doctors have developed a new medicine to treat novel Coronavirus. This is a mixture of medicines used to treat HIV and flu.

According to a briefing on Sunday by the Ministry of Health, Thai doctors have said they have treated a patient infected with the virus with a combination of antiviral drugs.

Thailand doctors have treated a Chinese woman infected with the virus, where she showed considerable improvement in her health once she was treated with a mixture of antiviral medicines.

Till now 17388 people have been infected by the Coronavirus globally. 362 people have lost their lives. The government of Thailand has said how effective the medicine was after giving it to a patient and the patient recovered within 48 hours.

HIV medicines lopinavir and ritonavir mixed with anti-flu medicine oseltamivir was used to treat three patients in Thailand.

Dr. Kriangsak Atipornwanich associated with Rajavithi Hospital in Bangkok said he gave the medicine to a 71-year-old patient for about 48 hours. The condition of the patient became better after 48 hours.