The cancer and the controversial ways to treat that


A disputable elective drug that treats malignant growth patients by making them drink their very own blood was reproved in Germany years prior. Yet, in Bulgaria, a court decided that the treatment is experimentally stable, and youngsters are being sent to Germany for treatment, with costs repaid by the state.

The name of Dr Nikolaus Klehr, expired in 2016, has been at the focal point of outrages in Germany for as far back as 20 years. He has treated malignant growth patients from Germany, Austria and Slovenia.

In 1991, Dr Klehr protected what he called “auto-chemotherapy”. As per his strategy, the patient’s blood is dealt with so a defensive response is activated in the human body, bringing about incomplete or complete annihilation of the tumor.

These patients paid for Dr Klehr’s treatment with their own cash – somewhere in the range of €13,000 and €35,000. The treatment comprised of making the patient beverage its own blood, evidently handled. In any case, numerous grumblings from patients started, and a devoted web gathering to censure it was set up. Dr Klehr was known as a scoundrel, both by mainstream researchers and by German analytical columnists.

Bizarre as it might sound, numerous years after the fact, a similar business proceeds – this time with patients from another EU part nation – Bulgaria. The plan works under the administration of a partner of Dr Klehr of Bulgarian birthplace, and with the help of the Bulgarian specialists and legal executive.

Without a doubt, a letter touched base at the NHIF back in May originates from a similar location in Munich and is marked by “Dr L. Hadjieva-Bauer of Clinical Practice in Immunology and cell science”.

She expressed: “Clinical practice in immunology and cell science is a private medical organization enlisted and oversaw under German law and law. The sum to be paid has been imparted to you by a value quote on 03/04/2019 for the two patients, €40,000 per quiet, every year. The expense of research facility testing is between € 1000 and € 1500 and these tests must be completed somewhere around at regular intervals. The expense of customized immunotherapy and the treatment of comorbidities is between € 2,500 and 3,000 every week. Patients should come each 6 two months for 1-2 weeks. Installments are made to the accompanying record [… ]. “