The Chief Minister of Rajasthan assures the ‘Right to health’ to be provided soon

The Chief Minister of Rajasthan ‘Ashok Gehlot’ passed a statement on this Sunday regarding the insurance of the law on “right to health’ to make sure that there is the provision of good health facilities to every single person in the stated. He said at a function: “Our government is currently working on the introduction of a right to the health bill. The main objective behind to provide better health facilities to everyone.”

He told that the free medical scheme which was launched by his former government was highly appreciated across the world and that around 17 states of the country followed a similar pattern on the schemes by introducing them. The Chief Minister also asked the private players of the medical field to make sure they serve the society in a righteous manner rather than making health care a source income i.e. a business.

The right to health was pledged by the Congress during the assembly actions in December 2018 in its election declaration. Congress had also promised that there will be the provision of quality health services to all the citizens by means of a law right to health. Gehlot was addressing one of the free medical camps regarding heart diseases.  The Chief Minister stated that the government is still working on the bill. However, the government can’t do everything alone and that the private sectors should put in the effort and contribute as well to play an active role in serving the citizens.

He said: “the work done under the free medicine scheme which was launched in the state has received recognition on a broad level inclusive of the World Health Organization.  The previous government had commenced an era of Rights in the country by giving the right to food security, right to information, MGNREGA. We now want the people to get the right to health in the state.”