The health insurance premium is the topmost concern for public of Switzerland

health insurance premium

The biggest financial concern for any household, according to a recently conducted survey, is the health insurance premiums. This study focuses on the interests of the pharmaceutical firms based in Switzerland.

86% have a high or somewhat affirmative overall impression of healthcare. However, only 61% of advocates believe that there is a high quality of healthcare. There was a drop of 20% as compared with the survey of the previous year.

When the voters were questioned, the respondents emphasized that the burden of the health insurance premium are open for every individual. They sought cost-cutting measures such as affordable treatments abroad. As a result of this, 75% of the respondents wanted the health insurance to pay for equal, yet cheaper treatment in foreign countries. Compared with the figures for last year, there was a boost of 20%.

In the option of ‘Vote your choice’, voted for the free choice doctor, free access to medical services and considered that the quantity & quality is not less than the cost incurred. They preferred the principle of the community over self-responsibility. Consequently, 57% would leave the prescribed heroin by the cash they paid, which resulted in a rise of 22% as compared to the survey conducted the previous year.

As mentioned before, visibly majority of the respondents consider the drug prices to be way high. At present mandatory price cuts will hardly come into notice. With the current set of services, there is general satisfaction among st the respondents. It is rather preferred by the respondents. They are open to the head-on premiums of the current system. In order to limit the expense, it is preferable to adjust the measures such as affordable treatments abroad or putting incentives on the usage of non-related services.