The Student program provides a golden chance for aspiring scientists

The Shimadzu incorporation offers the “lab4you” program for all the aspiring and young scientists from every part of the Europe. This is the 5th consecutive year they have been doing this. They allow the teen scientists to contact them as well as apply for the bench spaces in the laboratory in order to carry out their own researches. In this state of the art library known as the “Shimadzu Laboratory world”, highly advanced equipment and services are provided making sure that the innovators could grow amongst other like-minded people, intellectually. This makes sure that the results are the best ones possible.

“In the course of the most recent four years, we had youthful researchers from Austria, Poland and Germany working in our lab”, expressed Björn-Thoralf Erxleben, Manager of the European Innovation Center. “The themes of research were so various and fascinating that once in a while we acknowledged two understudies, as opposed to only one every year.” Projects incorporated the examination of new UHPLC MS-MS strategies for battery inquire about, digestion of pharmaceuticals in plants and the crack and weakness conduct of carbon fiber fortified plastics, to simply name a couple.

The Lab4You-Program for youthful researchers is connected to the Shimadzu European Innovation Center, coordinated effort with analysts all over Europe, in the quest for new answers for tomorrow concerning new scientific strategies, devices, systems and programming arrangements.

“In view of the broad research condition, furnishing a one of a kind plausibility to work with gadgets that are most appropriate to and custom fitted for the claim inquire about, I exceptionally prescribe different understudies to apply for the lab4you understudy program”, says Dr. Carola Schultz, the first Lab4You understudy in 2015. A Ph.D. understudy at Münster University, Germany at the time, she presently fills in as a Product Specialist for Consumables at Shimadzu Europa GmbH.