The uses of Raman Microscopy in the quality control, development, and production of pharmaceutical products

Raman Microscopy

Some strict requirements must be met during the production, development, and guaranteeing of quality control of pharmaceutical products.

Incomparable accessibility is offered by the SENTERRA II for the users who have no experience in Raman microscopy. A collaboration of perfect automation with well-processed software to provide the users’ control of all parameters of hardware within a single click.

All-encompassing help is also provided to the customers by Bruker when it comes to authentication. Numerous options of support are offered based on the individual needs of the customers.

Licensed software protocols have been integrated into the SENTERRA II, in order to assure completely programmed instrument test procedures. A warning is also provided on time by the system when it beyond some certain parameters.

In addition to this, instruments’ qualification and installation are also provided by Bruker along with the yearly certification by their expert service engineers who are a factory authorized.

There are ensured quality of products. Foreign contaminants are analyzed quickly and reliably by the Raman Microscopy, as well as, the flaws in production. Even when behind the glass or inside the packaging.

An ideal toolset is provided by Raman Microscopy for the protection of your business, whether you want to assess those products which already developed, or when you are facing ruthless competition due to infringement.

Moreover, evaluation on the spot has been enabled by the Raman microscopy of alterations in the particular form or for the exposing of those steps which are prone to error during the processing.

The not only effort but also time is saved due to the perfect workflow and efficiency in the automation. Resources & energy are concentrated on where there is a high requirement of them, all praise to the SENTERRA II.

Research and development & manufacturing center of the Bruker Optics is situated in Germany.