To ensure the health of refugees in the offshore processing centers, medical care bill is vital

medical care bill is vital

To ensure the health of refugees in the offshore processing centers medical care bill is vital, says the refugee advocates.

The newly-returned government is moving to cancel the legislation which was passed in March that gives allowance to people held on isolated Pacific islands to be brought to Australia for medical treatment.

Government of Australia has a tablet in the parliament amendments to cancel the major medical bill for the refugees which are held in its offshore detention centers, in spite of concerns that the move would put lives in danger.

The so-called Medevac Bill, which gives an allowance of transfer of refugees to mainland Australia for getting medical treatment, was passed in spite of the opposition of government in March.

Peter Dutton who is the Minister for Home Affairs warned that the legislation would result in the “floodgates to open”. However, since the bill was passed, only 23 people have been transferred to the country and a further 24 received approval & are awaiting transfer.

However, in May the conservative government, which came to power in a shock election victory, wants amendments in the bill to stop the refugees from accessing medical services in Australia.

Refugee advocates state that the law is necessary to ensure the health of refugees in offshore processing centers because of the poor quality of the medical services on the islands of Papua New Guinea.

A Kurdish-Iranian refugee on Manus Island ‘Behrouz Boochan’ stated the government of Australia has deprived the people of accessing medical care for 6 years, and this new law is the only chance that they have. This was told by the refugee to Al Jazeera by WhatsApp.

Boochani won the richest literary prize of Australia recently for his book about Manus titled as ‘No Friend but the Mountains.’