Top 3 startups which are led by females in the Swiss healthcare industry

Swiss healthcare industry

Were you aware of the fact that there is at least one co-founder in every startup who is a female? We will highlight some of those companies which reflect the importance of having females in the healthcare industry.

In only 20 percent of the startups, there is at least 1 female co-founder and in only 10 percent of all the cases of startups, the Chief Executive Officer and the Co-founder is a female. Here we will be exploring the top three startups which are led by females in the healthcare industry of Switzerland according to the BV4’s database.

First one is Cutis, which is in the sector of MedTech. The firm is based in Zurich. The focus of the company is to come up with the development of new techniques to bioengineer the skin of a human. Personalized skin grafts are generated by the company with a minute biopsy of the patient’s healthy skin.

Coming on to the second company. Stalicla operates in the sector of biotech. The focus of this company is to change the paradigm in the development of Autism Spectrum Disorder drug by providing the patients who have their medical needs not met, with personalized, as well as, disease-modifying medicines.

Lastly, Piavita operates in the MedTech startup sector. This company brings ground-breaking veterinary care by providing solutions for digital remote monitoring for horse vet. This firm enables real-time essential sign recordings which are approved medically and are empowered by means of the most radical algorithms, as well as, instrument learning intelligence.

On average, the investments done by the start-ups which are run by females are pretty low than the ones run by males only. Surprisingly, this contradicts with the study by BCG which shows that there is a better performance by start-ups which are led by the female founder.