Traditional Healers in Zimbabwe need licenses to sell their medicine legally

In the capital of ZIMBABWE, HARARE sits a traditional healer named Rueben Mukwe, who packs several small bottles tightly into a small box. One is packed with a brown powder derived from a tree. He says that the brown powder is the only thing needed to treat genital growths.

Old-style healers play a very important role in the country of Zimbabwe. They utilize the knowledge that was passed down from generation to generation in order to treat the patients. This includes making medicine from elements found in nature which resembles natural remedy. They are helping fill the gap in healthcare industry for many Zimbabweans because the country’s weakening economy is making the official medical sector less available.

Rueben Mukwe is the first old-style healer in Zimbabwe who has his medicines approved by the Medicines Control Authority of Zimbabwe. The government council is responsible for ensuring that medicine is safe for the use. The approval from the government allows him to legally sell his medicines to the public.

It is illegal to sell traditional remedies or medicines without approval of the government and if the medicines cause any harm to the patient then the healer can also be arrested.