Ugandan Youth Suffering From STD and HIV Are More Likely To Develop Problem Drinking

Problem drinking is generally associated with mental disorders or other psychological reactions. Having a healthy mental state will definitely help you avoid problem drinking and being and addict.

A study showed that many teenagers and youth in Uganda are very viable to develop problem drinking. The situations is worth the study as numbers are on the rise. This is due to the high number of infected youth with HIV and sexually transmitted infections.

HIV in Uganda has reached a percentage of 6% of all youth living there. It is one of the few countries where HIV is increasing rather than decreasing. This is due to the bad conditions associated with health, food scarcity and even worth parental care.

Possessing HIV will definitely affect any youth’s life in physical and mental way. If not treated carefully and wisely it might lead to further psychological disorders including depression. Youth are more viable to rely on problem drinking rather than medical assurance.

Results have shown that 13.8% of youth (age range 12 – 18) in Uganda have HIV with an additional 42.8% sexually transmitted diseases. The values are of great shock, where even most of these youth having a problem drinking issue.

The results are published in the journal of AIDS and Behavior. Lead author, Dr. Rachel Culbreth, stated, “Our results demonstrate there is a high prevalence of co-infection with HIV and sexually transmitted infections among young, sexually active youth living in the slums of Kampala, Uganda”