Using technology to change health care

health care

Software innovation is one of the key strategic goals of Mediclinic International, and none is more obvious than the company’s Middle East division.

Mediclinic’s continuing implementation of a brand new electronic health record system is one of the many ways to demonstrate Mediclinic Middle East’s commitment to the health standard of the UAE through the use of technology. This seeks, for both patients and healthcare professionals, to make healthcare visits and related transactions smoother and more accurate and to save time, money and effort while increasing efficiency, safety, professionalism, and precision.

Technology is also being applied to improve the contact of patients with Mediclinic Middle East and provide them with more opportunities to engage with us, to simplify and speed up the procedure for scheduling a date, and to ensure prompt tracking of requests and queries. The implementation of a customer relationship management system at the central contact center, a 24-hour online chatbot on the Mediclinic website, and the integration of online booking for appointments through Okadoc are key to this.

Technology is also a pioneer in actual patient treatment at Mediclinic. For fields such as oncology we use the newly developed TrueBeam linear accelerator for radiation therapy, we’re proud to use the latest technology. TrueBeam data is balanced by the Mediclinic Middle East sister division of Hirslanden in Switzerland, as well as published international data and the Varian norm data with a shift of less than 0.5%. This combination of technology means that a patient can be treated without any dose recalculations in the Mediclinic’s complete cancer centers in the UAE or at Hirslanden in Switzerland.


Application of rigorous science to improve patient lives through the use of new therapies and technology in the care of patients is the cornerstone of Mediclinic International.