Virus A Can Now Be Detected In The Body

The rapid increase of disease through our planet is occurring due to the opportunity for people to travel all over the earth, transporting bacteria and viruses through their systems. Furthermore, the frequent use of unnecessary medicines or failing to take the full course causes new strains of bacteria to evolve. Some viruses tend to be more harmful than others.

This is the case for Virus A, where this diseases shows a new strain almost every year which is why it can affect people frequently. The virus learns how to create a new strain that the body’s immune system won’t recognize, thus affecting the patient.

However, a recent study conducted by a team of scientists from the Gulbenkian Institute of Science have found a new way to be able to detect the new strains to be formed. This discovery was made as they detected that the virus tends to create the new strains outside its membrane. This includes a dividing process, which dismantles the cell formation and helps create the new strains in an undetected area.

The study suggests that further research can reveal the virus formation of strains which will help the body’s immune system to fight the virus before it develops. The study was led by Maria João Amorim and she commented on her results saying, “Our results pave the way for alternative therapies that could target genome formation, or the place where the genome is formed. The IGC researcher also explains that “this work is innovative because it is one of the initial observations that demonstrates that viral infections use phase separation processes.”