Vision for Australian Biotech 2030 to emerge from AusBiotech CEO Policy Forum

Australian Biotech

The Australian Biotechnology 2030 Vision is a policy framework for the biotechnology industry which is discussed by Minister Hunt and is supported by Minister Andrews, at the AusBiotech CEO Policy Forum that took place in Canberra last week. Using the assistance of Minister Hunt that have committed to the life sciences, AusBiotech will co-lead the development as a part of their long-term plans — sharing their vision for biotechnology in Australia.

Lorraine Chiroiu, AusBiotech CEO, says, “We are pleased that the importance of the life sciences sector is recognized by Government and look forward to continuing to work with them. Committing to growing the industry is a powerful long-term approach to healthcare, and will ensure that the pipeline of innovative technologies being developed and manufactured in Australia continues to bring crucial life-enhancing and enriching benefits directly to patients.”

This vision is set to address the different opportunities in terms of research, development, investments, talent and regulatory aspects. This will allow varying policy initiatives that will emerge through the framework of the Vision, by working collaboratively with the respective Departments and Ministers. The idea behind the forum is to discuss the potential opportunities and barriers that need to be looked upon within the sector of the life sciences for achieving the best possible growth when delivering the better health and economic outcomes for the Australians. The AusBiotech CEO Policy Forum marked to be a key event for a deep interaction with the policymakers to make a difference to the Australian society.