Ways to train your mind to memorize faster & better

memorize faster & better

There was a time in my life when I was able to memorize the complete order of a deck of cards. This was when I used to work at the mall food court. There was a guy who was older than me and I had a severe crush on him. He bought me a copy of Joshua Foer’s pop-science memoir moonwalking With Einstein, which is all about ways to memorize stuff.

In the world where there is a competition amongst the people in memorizing stuff, the athletes use daily practice for training their minds. The main tactic they use is the building of mental ‘memory palaces’ where they turn the pieces of info into objects and place in a sequence around a physical zone which can be walked through in their mind. So, for memorizing a deck of cards, I would assign every card in a typical deck to someone who means special to me. The ace of clubs is my sister, the jack of spades is my uncle, and so on. I would flip over 3 cards at a time, & those 3 people would be somewhere place together in my parents’ home, starting with the porch, Once the house was completely full of 52 strangely group guests stars in my life, I would then go back & convert them in the right order of the cards in the deck, loudly recite it, and everyone would be awe-struck. Kind of.

Those are pro at memorizing can do dozens of deck of cards and at a much faster pace.

Today my brain is gone so far that, I think, it needs an intrusion which can be provided by consumer marketplace only.

It was fun to train my memory and getting rid of excess mental energy. I wanted to impress a genius. Spinning out on the daily thoughts of Twitter, death, and foggy from looking at 2 computer screens all day, I think it needs an Intervention which can be provided by consumer marketplace only. So that how I ended up trying a drinkable product known as BrainGear which claims a ‘clear brain today’ & a ‘stronger brain tomorrow’ and realizing that I am far from alone.