What no-deal Brexit means for your holiday expenses


In case of a no-deal Brexit, numerous families will see their traveling bills rise dramatically since they would have lost their European Health Insurance Cards.

This has come at a time where holidaymakers are already witnessing the shrinking of their holiday spending money, following the dropping of the pound to a record small value relative to other currencies.

More than nearly 4.5 million individuals less than 16 years of age are holders of this card. The EHIC provides voyagers with the right to admittance to state-given healthcare while on a journey in Europe, at either less or no charges at all.

Claims numbered at more than 21,000 were made the previous year for youngsters under the program.

However, the cards will prove to be of no worth at all in case of a no-deal Brexit, leaving families to rely on their own health insurances while the travel.

Tom Watson, Labour ’s Shadow Culture Secretary, stated how the Brexit issue, for which the Tory Party is responsible, may lead to millions of families having to pay additional money on their holidays.

Presently, according to a survey by Labour, there are 4,644,621European Health Insurance Cards held by individuals younger than 16 years of age.

The EHIC cards allow travelers access to state-given healthcare facilities while they are traveling to countries included in the European Economic Area and Switzerland. The card will cover the treatment which is medically mandatory, until your return home on your decided date, just like it would treat its residents. The treatments given are generally free of cost, or at a reduced cost.

According to the NHS guidance, people who are beginning their journey on the 31st of October or after it, are urged to purchase travel insurance like they would be traveling to a non-EU nation.